Monday, August 12, 2013

Couple Died Immoral Conduct during intercourse in the cemetery.

Couple Died Immoral Conduct during intercourse in the cemetery. - What does a dirty pair this one was not exemplary, how not adulterous spouse adultery died with the body could not be removed, astagfirullah ..
This incident occurred at the beginning of October karawang In the past, people with pictures Falkirk digegarkan two people who died while having sex. According to a news circulating in the midst of the people there, two couples that married couples are not legitimate, but two people who commit adultery.

Both of them, reportedly both are married. From the pictures are scattered, it appears the two central bodies hugging. In the picture it looks, bodies of people who were on it face down and covered tail portion sarong. While her hand underneath it in a position embraced his shoulder.

Both bodies are located in the body of yellow goo. It also appears two men dressed as police uniforms, it looks like the middle shows the bodies of two people who are adulterous this.

Apparently, the two bodies that were in a morgue. Because when viewed from the floor, typically used in the morgue. One of the citizens of Karachi, Wahyudi said, based on the receipt of the news, two couples of different sexes it is adultery in the shrine behind Cengsin, Klari, Indonesia. But after they finished an intimate relationship, both entities can not be removed. He said that he had telephoned his friend that employee safety, kerana body can not be removed. Until finally taken to a hospital, but no one can release them "he said.

Based on the receipt of the news, both dirty pair died in the hospital. "At first I did not believe the news about the dead embrace, but after seeing this picture I just believe," he said

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