Friday, May 31, 2013

What price hotel IN BALI?

What price hotel IN BALI? - "Kindly information about hotel prices in Bali" so that often we read in several travel forums. The high demand may be caused by, so the amount of interest to know more about the beauty of the island of Bali.

Cost of rental accommodation in Bali varies, depending on the type of accommodation and facilities provided. Type of accommodation such as hotels jasmine is definitely much cheaper than the five-star hotel, as well as prices for the type of villa rental price per night tend to be more expensive than the price of the hotel in general.

Rental Price Bed

Rental Rates Bed and Breakfast hotels in Bali as very affordable. Prices range from Rp 150,000, -/night, there is even less depending on the facilities offered.

Rent-star hotels in Bali

Prices or rates of star hotels in Bali are very varies, hotel 1 (one), 2 (two), star, three (3), 4 (four) 5 (five) have certainly had the price and quality of different services . But in general, the price of hotels in Bali ranges from Rp 300.000, - to Rp 1,000,000, -/night.

Rent Villa in Bali

For this type of accommodation, the rent can indeed be said to be the most expensive dibading above two types of accommodation. Villa in Bali are usually solitary so your privacy is maintained. Sample only villa in Seminyak Bali, villa in the region providing classy accommodation with international standard facilities and services. Villa rental price varies, we can generally describe starts at USD 2,000,000 - 10,000,000 - / night. Price does not cheat, because the money you spend is comparable to the quality of service you get.

There are many other types of lodging in Bali, such as: homestay, cottages, bungalows, apartments, that offer rental rates that varies as well. NICE TRIP TO BALI

Monday, May 27, 2013


You may still be confused about how to find service hotels in Bali are comfortable and appropriate for you. Bali is very much available in many hotels with that star also varies. If you are a person who has deep pockets, looking for a comfortable hotel is not a significant problem, but if you are a backpacker or even been to Bali because of something important, then you really need to get a comfortable hotel facilities as well as appropriate for your both in terms of convenience or price.

How do I get information on Bali hotels are comfortable and appropriate for you? You need not have to buy daily in Bali for information on rates and how to reserve a hotel room, or bother your brother phoned a friend in Bali, which may be also a busy and do not have much time to find you a suitable accommodation for you. Find out how to easily find hotels in Bali are comfortable and suitable for you as follows:

1. Look for sites on the internet that presents online hotel booking service with easy payment via bank transfer. Nowadays the internet is really been able to present a variety of convenience very indulgent man. You were never even been to Bali can easily choose the hotel in Bali and place an order directly. Usually available sites that present information in Bali hotel facilities include information presented and the applicable tariff rates. You can see a list of hotels with tariff variations to choose from. Reservations can be made online with payment by wire transfer. This method is a very easy way to help you to get hotel reservations in Bali without having to bother anyone.

2. Another way to obtain information in Bali is to use the services of agents or individuals which usually are providing business services to find hotels in Bali to choose from. This way you can do if you are really in a state of forced, no acquaintance at all or relatives on the island of Bali. Use the services of agents or individuals also do not bother other people because you certainly will pay.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


CHEAP LODGING IN KUTA BALI - Kuta is one of tourist places of interest in Bali. As well as the beach, Kuta also provides many amenities such as entertainment venues, shopping centers, and night club.

In addition to the strategic place, Kuta also provides plenty of accommodation options. A range of lodging can be found here, ranging from budget hotels to five-star hotels, resorts, apartments, bungalows, cottages, villas with full facilities of international standard.

Several lodging options in Kuta Bali which you can try:

Inn "Kuta Station Hotel and Spa"

Kuta Station Hotel and Spa is one of the hotels in Kuta Bali offers luxurious accommodation for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Kuta with international standard accommodation. The inn is located within walking distance: Kuta beach, boom, shopping centers Matahari Department Store, Hard Rock Café.

Inn "Kuta Lagoon Resort & Pool Villas"

Accommodation in Kuta this one provides a total of 64 rooms of various categories such as Standard, Deluxe and Pool Access (room with pool access). 've Had the luxury of course you can see from the facilities provided by the inn.

Inn "Ramayana Resort & Spa"

Ramayana Resort & Spa is an accommodation in Kuta has 6 room categories namely: Wings Deluxe, Deluxe Rooms, Poolside Cottages, Executive Deluxe, Family Rooms, Resort Club, where you can choose according to taste.

And there are many more options for cheap lodging in Kuta Bali which you can choose according to your tastes and your financial condition. Vacation in Kuta, Bali with a stay at the luxury lodge with full amenities I think is a dream of all of us. Enjoy BALI